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Jana & Junior

New Zealand

"We were lucky we found Hayley through a mutual friend. She is warm and welcoming and make both me and my husband feel very comfortable throughout our sessions with her. Hayley is a truely gifted and special person who helped us grow individually and as a couple. We will forever be grateful for her service that she provided to us, and look forward to more sessions in the future."




"I've had a kinesiology session with Hayley and I was pleasantly surprised of such positive results. My main problems was lack of clarity. I constantly felt overwhelmed. Hayley has worked through clearing my blocks and curses that have affected my family. I didn't offer a lot of information to Hayley but her ability to read energy is amazing. She was able to determine what my emotional traumas were and released trapped negative emotions that affected my physical health, which manifested as an unexplained stomach ache. It has been almost a month since the first session and I feelt that my emotional and physical states both improved tremendously. I feel focused and motivated. Pain is completely gone. My decision making has also improved. I can't wait for our next session!"



New Zealand

"I didn't even realise how disconnected I had become from who I really wanted to be. I wasn't hurt, angry, or sad. I was just numb. But now I know who I am and who I want to be, its so much easier to find direction in finding the essence of ME! And when I  become more like me, I can help others. I feel open about sharing my struggles so that maybe, someone can relate to something that I went through and feel so comfortable with me that they feel like they can be themselves. I'm not the prettiest, or the kindest, or even the most confident girl in the room. But being okay is enough to start with."




"Hayley is a unique individual. It appears to me that her extraordinary talent to heal others has no limits. I believe that her practice of energy healing, although well refined, is often stereotyped into a factitious placebo effect styled misconception. Her intent to heal is real. Her practice is sound. Speaking from personal experience, after meeting with Hayley my anxiety is finally bearable again. The difference started with how I felt but blossomed into how I acted, turning a vicious cycle inside out. There have been times I've stopped myself and laughed out loud because I was anticipating some negative feeling to be there but instead now I shake my head and wonder how she did it."

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