Use Affirmations To Achieve Your Goals

March 4, 2017


I started writing this blog due to inspiration I had while waiting for a doctor's appointment (let's face it, we can all use a little extra help!). I've been posting up all of these wonderful affirmations on my Instagram and Facebook page but never focused affirmations on my own health before. As some of you may know, I have Hashimoto's disease, which is an autoimmune condition that causes my immune system to attack my thyroid. It's not fun at all and I've been trying a variety of things to help ease the symptoms. Then the thought hit me: how many people really know how to use affirmations? Better thought: how many people don't even know the power of affirmations at all? So here is everything in a nutshell.Affirmations are a wonderful tool for inviting positivity and helping you to achieve your goals. They are positive statements of being that are centred around self-confidence, love, health, motivation and goal setting. As mentioned in my previous blog, there is a great power of the mind over your energy. So whatever positive affirmations you think about continuously will alter your energy to help make them a reality. To put it simply, it will put you on the frequency of success... It's been said that the most successful people in the world are the one's who think positively.


Some examples of manifestations are:

* I love myself for who I am in this moment

* I am sure of my abilities

* I welcome challenges positively because they help me grow

* I am healthy and strong


The most powerful affirmations are ones that are written as if they are a reality. If you write it as a future mindset, it will always be a future mindset. For example, "I want to love myself" isn't as powerful as "I love myself", or "I want to lose 5 kilos" isn't as powerful as "I am a weight shedding machine"! Have fun with it and be creative inventing your own!


Here are FOUR ways to use your affirmations:



You can find heaps of affirmations online that are right for you but keeping track of them can be difficult. A journal allows you to keep them organised for all occasions. You can arrange them into groups such as:


* Yearly Goals

* Career

* Relationships

* Health

* Exercise

* Diet

* Creativity

* Spirituality

* Self-Love

* Confidence




When you meditate you are in such a relaxed and open state with your energy that using and repeating affirmations can do wonders for your energy. I like to repeat the affirmations towards the end of the meditation. It's like you're programming your energy to help you be open to inspiration and motivate you in achieving your goals.




Some people like to stick affirmations around to remind them to use said affirmations throughout the day. It's best to place them in areas you'd see them most. If you want to make healthy food choices then it's a good idea to place a manifestation on the fridge or cupboard. If you're trying to build your confidence then put them on your bedroom mirror so you can read them out loud to yourself. Other places you might want to try are: the wallpaper on your phone, computer desktop, on the front door, or on your wardrobe.




It's always handy to have a small list of manifestations when things get super stressful. You can keep this list on your phone, in your wallet, or on a small notebook in your handbag. For instance, you might be at work and an important deadline is coming up and the stress is building. All you need is five minutes to breathe and read through your list to manifest confidence in yourself. Your list could include things like:


* I can creatively solve any problem

* I welcome all ideas

* I prioritise the things that are most important

* I know where to exercise my efforts

* I trust in my own abilities and my boss trusts in them too

* I manage time wisely

* I utilise all the resources available to me

* I trust in my co-workers abilities


So what ever your circumstances, what ever your goals, turn positive power of affirmations to your advantage.



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