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  •  How does Energy therapy differ from traditional therapy? 

  • How long are your sessions and how much do they cost?

  • Do you do sessions in person?

  • How soon will I notice the results?

  • I don't have any specific issues to clear; I'm just feeling a bit off balance, and out of sorts. How can a session help me?

  • What is meant by "clearing generational issues"?

  • I want to learn more about muscle testing. What do you recommend?  


How does Energy therapy differ from traditional therapy?


Energy therapy is a complementary form of therapy, meaning it works alongside traditional forms of Western medicine. It's role is to help get to the source of your emotional problems within your energy so that it can be resolved allowing the traditional forms of medicine to work more effectively.

How long are your sessions and how much do they cost?


Initial Consultation - $100 (1 hour)

Superior One on One Session - $70 (1 hour)

Quick One on One Session - $50 (30 mins)

Group Session - $100 (45mins)

Energy Cleanse - $100 (1 hour)

(Payment is in Australian dollars via Paypal or credit card. Just send an email if you'd like to organise a direct deposit with your bank.)

Do you do sessions in person?

I currently don't have a physical space to practice so I do all my sessions online using FaceTime, Facebook Messenger and Skype. As the majority of my clients are interstate and international the sessions are no different from being in person as I do not touch my clients in any way. The energy is shifted by the power of intention.

How soon will I notice results?

Majority of the time my clients feel the difference instantly. However, for those who are more heavily weighed down by their emotions it may take multiple sessions to truely get to the root of their problems. They could be linked to other issues or traumas from the past that they haven't spoken about. Also there are some issues that take a few days to clear.


I don’t have any specific issues to clear; I’m just feeling a bit off balance, and out of sorts. How could a session help me?

The great thing about energy therapy is that it is prioritised according to your needs. Every session with a client is different. For those who feel out of balance or low in energy it's usually related to blocks that are generational. So this method will help identify the reason why you're feeling out of sorts and then it will be easy for me to release and correct those issues so you will feel better.

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What is meant by “clearing generational issues”?

Just as we are recipients of our ancestors’ physical DNA, we also carry their emotional DNA. Many times we are upset by something and think to ourselves, “Why does that trigger me so much?” Well, good news! Sometimes it’s not even our issue! If we have an ancestor who went through trauma, or had a particular negative belief pattern and we inherited that emotional tendency, then when we are presented with certain life situations it seems to be magnified for us. 


Generational issues are very common in this work. They can be attached to a variety of different issues. Common issues that I always see carried in the family lines are depression, addictions, abuse and financial problems. I have done this ancestral clearing work intuitively for many years, and I am happy to say that much research is now being done on this topic. It is scientifically known as BIOGENETIC DECODING.



I want to learn more about muscle-testing. What do you recommend?

The study of Kinesiology first received scientific attention in the 1960s. Dr. George Goodheart, DC, pioneered the specialty he called Applied Kinesiology after finding that benign physical stimuli—for instance, beneficial nutritional supplements—would increase the strength of certain indicator muscles, whereas hostile stimuli would cause those muscles to suddenly weaken. The implication was that at a level far below conceptual consciousness, the body “knew” and through muscle testing was able to signal what was good and bad for it.

Two books with further information on this subject are:

    Your Body Doesn’t Lie by John Diamond, MD
    Power vs. Force by David R. Hawkins, MD, PhD

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