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What is the Energy Therapy?


Energy therapy is a method of releasing and correcting the negative thoughts, beliefs and emotions that create barriers preventing people from being their happier and more authentic self.

It comes from the understanding that when negative emotions aren't dealt with in the present they are stored in a persons energy and body. Over time it build up and become baggage that influences our thoughts, behaviour and if it builds up enough can effect our health.

Energy therapy is really good for people who:

* have a constant lack of energy

* struggle with relationships

* mental health issues

* lack self-esteem

* need clarity for direction and purpose in life

* are easily effected by other peoples moods

* are battling with addictions and PTSD

* feeling drained when you're around certain people

* medical conditions that flare up with stress

* aches and pains that doctors can't pin point a reason for

* struggle with financial stability

* problems with sleep

What is Applied Kinesiology?


Applied kinesiology is the process of identifying negative energy blockages in the body and releasing them using bio-feedback. Kinesiology is the scientific method of muscle testing that provides the practitioner with information about a persons energy and emotions.


Through applied kinesiology the therapist can positively identify the root of the issues the client is facing and once released using energy therapy can test to confirm if all emotions have been released properly

What to expect from a session:

* More mental clarity

* Greater sense of direction in life

* Clears the heaviness of burdens or negative emotions

* Increased energy

* Relief of stress, anxiety, and even depression

* Help in dealing with grief, loss and trauma

* In certain circumstance if a health problem if affected by emotions clients have found a reduction in pain, indicating the body is healing better.